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Listed "Newest" to "Oldest", here are our recent photos - loosely defined as taken within the past 2 years:


Thanksgiving 2008 - there are a lot of snapshots and candid photos I don't have ready to post yet, but we took two group portraits, one of the grandkids and one of everyone!



Over the summer, Autumn learned to ride a "2-wheeler" (without training wheels) and we took one "mountain" ride (about 600 yards in Black Forest Park). Here is a shot:

Autumn bicycle


We set up a wading pool in the front yard, and the older granddaughters liked playing in it, especially if the ice cream truck came by:


On July 3rd, Annie had her 5th birthday and all the grandkids came. Here are a few photos:



In March we had our 30th Anniversary (along with my 55th birthday) and went to New York City:





Various shots of the grandkids:



Summer 2007:



Winter 2006-2007:






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