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New top-of-the list, our National Anthem sung by five sisters aged 5 through 9. This is amazing:

A Veteran's ad for John McCain (#1 YouTube):

Under 2 minutes and really fun (and scary):

This (believe it or not) is a favorable news story on Sarah Palin:

Five for Fighting, "Freedom Never Cries":

Saturday Night Live Fannie / Freddie bailout skit:

Here is a more analytical (well-researched and accurate) account of the Fannie / Freddie crisis:

This is a trailer for a movie we all need to see ("Hype"):

This is Sarah Palin's Saturday Night Live appearence:

These next two are parts one and two of John McCain's address to the Alfred E Smith Memorial Dinner:

This is an enlightening and frightening expose of Barak Obama:

Piper Palin with Trig at the Republican Convention:

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