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For more than 10 years we have used the Internet to share family photos. We have employed a series of web hosting services and a variety of web development applications. Also, in the "old days", bandwidth was a significant limitation, so photos posted on these old sites were limited in size.

Those old web pages are linked here, more-or-less exactly as they were when originally posted. Although I have cleaned them up a bit, there are still some links from these pages that no longer work properly.

The Original Choate Family Web Site

Choate Family

This link will take you to one of our very first web pages, which includes photos of Aaron and Cinamyn's wedding in March of 1998. There are other links nearly that old, and some of the first photos of our grandkids. There are some shots from our first San Francisco vacation in 1998 and our 1999 anniversay at the Broadmoor.

The Original Grandkids' Page


There are probably some cross-references here, but this is mainly a page for photos of our first grandkids. There also some links here not refernced anywhere else, including links (scroll to the bottom) to our 2002 anniversary in Glenwood Springs, dad and Jackie's visit in August 2002, and some photos with some old and (previously) long-lost friends.

East Coast Vacation 2002

Vacation 2002

This site has photos from our 2002 trip to Boston, New York, and Washington DC.

Family Trip to Oklahoma in 2005

Oklahoma 2005

Some of these are posted on the "Older" link in the bar above. This page has more of the pictures.

The Two Babylons

Don't go here. This is only for people prepared to change the way they think about everything.


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